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We make technology more usable, understandable and desirable

Case Studies

Inspiring case studies presented here are taken from various field of business such as finance, energy, healthcare and education. All of them are based on our user-responsive design approach. We are grateful to our dedicated and hard-working colleagues, partners and clients.

Revising Commercial Banking Customer Journeys

Lloyds Banking Group is investing significantly in a Customer Journey Transformation programme which prioritises key journeys customers take and redesigning them end to end to significantly [...]

Making Chatbots More Usable

In order to handle developmental challenges effectively, young people need to develop effective coping mechanisms. However, finding age-appropriate, well-managed, accessible mental health [...]

Technology-Aided Customer Relationship Management

A good functioning CRM is one of the most important things for employees especially for those working for the government. It can ease the customer lifecycle and help users manage customer [...]

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