It has been more than 15 years since the first tablet came into our lives. Since then, tablets have been used in various aspects of our lives, including education. Today, tablet computers and mobile technologies are used for online learning and formal education in schools. However, while tablets make it possible for students to access educational content anywhere and anytime, students have not always made the best use of tablets or of other emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence.

In this European Union project, we worked with eight partners from two countries to address this gap by finding ways for technology to be used more effectively and efficiently in education.

Traditional educational models classify individuals in terms of age, sex, job, and income, and offer educational opportunities accordingly. Educational technologies are also designed and developed on the basis of these classifications. However, this model does not allow individuals to receive an education in line with their personality characteristics, abilities and behavioural patterns, as well as their personal lifestyles and the professional tasks they are expected to accomplish. Moreover, not everyone has access to such opportunities even when available.

On the other hand, new technologies make it possible for individuals to discover and receive an education that suits them best. A trustworthy, personalized, and user-friendly technological assistant can guide them from anywhere and anytime, helping to create a new educational model.

Designing personal assistant for lifelong learning


A new educational model was designed to track each individual’s improvement and help them make the best educational choices for themselves. Technological components supporting this model and its ecosystem were defined. We redesigned individuals’ interactions with the educational assistant, content management, and all other technological components, as well as the interactions between learners and the technology.

These outcomes will directly influence the development and improvement of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. It will also be possible to manage these technologies more effectively and help learners and educators use educational content more efficiently.

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