Well-functioning CRM software is of great importance for employees, especially in the public sector. It can facilitate the functioning of the customer lifecycle, help manage customer interactions effectively, and make sense of large amounts of data, all of which can lead to a better customer experience.

Our team assisted a UK government institution in testing a new CRM software for civil servants. It was developed as an alternative to the previous software, which had usability flaws and low levels of user satisfaction.

Customer relationship management


We gathered input from the product manager, designers, developers, and other stakeholders, including some civil servants in management positions. We led several workshops with stakeholders to discuss the plan, and came up with several ideas to inspire further work. The stakeholders’ insights and recommendations resulted in numerous iterations of the product. The new software’s usability was tested in multiple testing sessions with participants in East Midlands as well as the institution’s headquarters in London. One of our researchers visited users in their offices along with the lead designer to carry out the tests.

The end result was a more usable, useful CRM software, which made the work of hundreds of civil servants easier. The new CRM software was designed to better meet the needs of hundreds of civil servants. User reported benefits such as the ability to access their accounts from other devices like their smartphones, less time spent logging into the system, and more easily finding what they were looking for.

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